This industry is a wild west with regards to the regulations, and the age of purchase is currently unregulated. This is why we are teaming up with companies like Night Owl and other like minded companies who do not do the cartoon nonsense. We will strive to be the standard of how hemp and it's byproducts are treated and sold.

Nothing we carry is a product we wouldn't be proud to sell to our own mothers. While companies will put dancing unicorns and gummy bears on their packaging we will be doing the right thing by ensuing every product isn't just safe from unhealthy mold, pesticides and doctored lab tests but clearly labeled for 21+ adults and refuse to use childish gimmicks.

We are a no bullshit group of like minded individuals with the goal of not just keeping these products out of childrens hands but also going the extra mile to bring you the absolute best products at affordable prices without sacrificing our morals.